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All about SaveOnMyCable At SaveOnMyCable®, Our primary concern is connecting you and millions to the best deals on the internet, TV, home security, electricity, and more. We always help you to shop for the best services for your home. SaveOnMyCable provides cable services on client satisfaction, with additional services like performance, value, communication, billing, and technical support. Corporations that score well with these customer resources are more probably to resolve problems, clearly communicate changes in billing, and systematically offer reliable tv service.

Who we are:

A Market with decades of expertise and multiple users

SaveOnMyCable, Inc. was founded in 2018 in Ma, Nh, to create an active market for all people to get various services from various service providers, you can get all package at one place.
Besides, SaveOnMyCable also has a partnership with overseas utility companies that were providing their best services to all consumers that they needed.
Twenty years later, SaveOnMyCable has helped more than 1 million people across the country set up home services.
In 2018, Cablecommconnect acquired SaveOnMyCable, Inc., bringing new technology, fresh talent and fresh perspectives to the business.SaveOnMyCable located in the Neh Hampshire, an area with offices as well as sales and customer care centers in Massachusetts and outside the U.S.

Our Services: Inspire informed selections, not influenced ones

Instead of attempting to sell a product, we tend to offer you the data required to let the merchandise sell itself. It sounds easy. However, we tend to feel it’s the most effective approach for our customers to induce what’s best for them genuinely.
We gather all information from top cable services providers in the U.S. and double check that they are proving all reliable services that you ever want like— availability, pricing reliability, all necessary features, and even the digital view. After this, we prefer it and convey to you so you can decide which service providers and plans best fit for you. Once you finalize your requirements that what you’re looking for, we’re ready to complete your order and schedule your installation.

How we do it: Partnerships, tec! and lots of hard work

SaveOnMyCable partners with more than 20 internet, TV, home phone, utilities, and residential security suppliers. By partnering with such an oversized quantity of suppliers, Allconnect is during a position to bring you variety of the best selections gettable at your address, so you will be able to notice and compare your decisions tired one place.

What will SaveOnMyCable sell?

SaveOnMyCable sells a range of home services from high suppliers across the U.S. Services embrace net, TV, home phone, home security and energy in deregulated states. Allconnect doesn’t offer any of those services outright; however, instead connects you to the highest accessible suppliers WHO do.

Are there sure suppliers SaveOnMyCable doesn’t partner with?

SaveOnMyCable partners with most of the highest providers offered. Some suppliers not presently sold-out via SaveOnMyCable might include tiny, highly-localized suppliers. We attempt to partner with the largest suppliers and incessantly request to determine new partnerships to bring you the first affordable and reliable choices once buying home services.

Is there a fee for exploitation SaveOnMyCable?

No, SaveOnMyCable is liberal to use. Any prices that go along with fixing new services return straight from the suppliers, not SaveOnMyCable. You’ll not be charged any fees or premiums for ordering services through SaveOnMyCable.

If SaveOnMyCable doesn’t charge a fee, however, do they create money?

SaveOnMyCable has shut partnerships with the suppliers we tend to sell a product for. Whenever we sell a provider’s product, the supplier compensates the U.S.A. for that sale. This permits SaveOnMyCable to be free for the client to use continuously.

Who processes my order?

SaveOnMyCable has a few call centers, and your call might visit any one of them counting on once and wherever you’re a line from. in spite of that call center you reach, AN skilled, knowledgeable SaveOnMyCable associate can handle your order. They’ll raise you what you’re trying to find, tell you what’s accessible in your space, method of your initial payment over a secure network, and schedule your payment installation.

Why did I get transferred to SaveOnMyCable when I switch my utility service?

In several cases, once customers square measure fitting electricity services, they’re additionally within the marketplace for different home services, like web and television. That’s why SaveOnMyCable partners with several electricity suppliers to assist customers WHO have started or transferred their electric service found out all their alternative home services at a similar time.



Our team

At SaveOnMyCable, we tend to square measure analysts, sales specialists, researchers, writers, designers, and developers — however, despite our roles, we’re all business consultants. We’ve analyzed what to seem for in net or TV suppliers, and we’re desperate to pass those learnings on to you. Want to understand a lot concerning who we are? Get to understand our company Leadership Team. And, if you’re fascinated by connection the SaveOnMyCable team, inspect career opportunities. Our tech SaveOnMyCable uses a proprietary, 100 pc cloud-based Application Programming Interface (API) technology to bring you accurate, up-to-date data on plans in spite of wherever or when you use our site. The, our technology supports 30,000 product SKUs across a nationwide footprint of service suppliers and might support upwards of 5 million client transactions every day. Our sales agents use a similar technology to check individually what’s on the market for your home. Once you decide, they’ll be ready to tell you what suppliers and plans are on the market, furthermore as provide you with the particular details of every setup.
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